Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taj staffer identifies Kasab in court!! --Impossible laws of India

I an appalled to read newspaper story which says that one of the Taj staffer identified Kasab in court.What laws and rules and regulation India follows is astonishing and beyond belief.A terrorist come who whole world knows killed number of people without any fault of them for few bugs.We Indians have not been able to do anything from our end.Police,media,even the people who were on boat through which terrorists entered into mumbai recognised them then why is the process being so delayed.
Why cant we just hang him??Let the terrorists know what stringent actions we can take.It seems terrorists will be having a good laugh on us.They now will be guiding there students to surrender instead of dieing as Indians never kill.
In fact as media says Kasab demands good food,TV ,newspaper in the Jail.How audacious of him.No one has taken Kasab responsibility then what are we afraid off?

Sadam hussein was hanged with in two months.Who was the ruler of a country.Who had innumerable cases against him.Were all the victims were being cald and asked to identify Hussain.Then why we Indians do that??
Indian government is now more busy in forming there government.Kasab is having a good time.Soon this story will be long forgotten which has left many grieving families behind.

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