Monday, June 22, 2009

If it was my last day on earth today!!

Just when I was thinking of blogging today ,I thought of writing about my last day.If today would have been my last day on earth I would like to do following things:-

1st)Truly speaking I will eat what ever I want to which include ordering a double cheese pizza,momos and will try my hand on all the pastries and pies.

2)After ordering all the above things I will run straight to my parents home.Will ask them If I could do anything for the day.Will hug and kiss them.

3)I will write letters to all those who matter to me .Will wish them good luck and ask them to not to mourn on my death as that is going to hurt me.I wont call them as this might hurt me .

4)Most important person of my life ,my Husband I will call him and ask him to be with me.Will cook his favorite dish and have candle light dinner with him.Will tactfully thank him for making my life so beautiful.

5)I will make calls to all those who I hate and give them my best wishes with no hard feelings.

6)If still i have some more time left I will wear my marriage lehanga go to the parlor and become a bride again before dieing.

Every person whole of his life keep wishing for professional,materialistic,monetary growth.What we forget to value is what we have.Overlooking what we have and valuing more what we don't have has become a life time mistake.

How many of us don' regret our past??I guess hardly any but countless are there who worry about future.Lets enjoy the present and give the whole lot a best sCheers to life


  1. Awesome post. And thanks for this. The message conveyed is amazingly true. I am glad that you have the wisdom to think differently.

    Everyone should know the priorities of life and what they really want in love. Most often we just need few things and its amazing to find that the best things in life came to us absolutely free.

    I didnt add your name but read my last post. I am tagging you. You have to write 10 things that annoys you the most and then pass on the Tag to your friends.TC:)))

  2. BTW. point 3 was very touching. i had a lump in my throat and my eyes misty. Dont think about that when you live. TC

  3. Thanks...Will surely do your homework.:)

  4. Its a long way in future.. i liked the thought though

  5. I am paranoid about death and dont even want to think about it. If I knew it was my last day, I would just curl up on my bed and wait for it to happen.
    But I guess you are more courageous than me. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  6. Thanks Tiger and Aparna...

    Thanks for visiting my blog too and after reading your latest post you seem to be quite courageous to me at leaste.