Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you believe in forgiveness??

Mrs Neena to her Maid- Did u clean the gallary with the broom 1st.

Maid-No,There is no dirt in the gallaery so I didnt.

Neena- Can't you see so many hair lying there??

Maid--Yeh!! you must have done this.

Neena-Shut up some body from floor above must have comb there hair which has fallen in my balcony.If i don see you you will make my house a dust bin.You don't need to come from tomorrow.

Maid-I have also not seen a employer like you.You say your house is clean.You have seen a cleaner house since the time I have come otherwise you house is full of dirt.

Neena-How dare you call my house dirty.Just leave.

Maid-You are newly married.You don't know how to speak.You have never even seen cleaniness in your life.No one will work in your house like this.

Neena-You don't do your work properly and accuse me only.Get lost.

Maid-Give me my money.

Neena-Take your money in the evening.I don have a bank here.

Maid- I wont come in the eve.I want it right now.

Huge altercation take place between the two.Neena speaks and the maid speak in return .
Result-Maid comes outside the flat threatens her -"I will make sure no one works in your house .Also i will get your house robbed"

Neena starts crying and is upset whole day.Afterwards she thought why did i fight with her.I should have simply given her the money and asked her to leave.I also kept my ego alive .My whole day has got ruined and on top of that this lady threatend me as well.

2ND Episode

Husband-Its new year today lets get some pastries and cakes for the night and avoid partying as chances of drunken driving accident are too much today.

Neena-Ok.Lets go .
When reached the shop husband ordered.There was huge rush and light in the shop went away.Neena husband gaveRs 1000 note to the shopkeeper but when light came shop keeper refused saying you didnt give any money .Instead of fighting as shop keeper was too adamant they both left being upset loosig away Rs 1000 in front of their eyes.

Two days Neena kept thinking that she should have fought for it but afterwards life moved on.

Every day in our life we come across some kind of bad experiencebig or small .One has two options either ignore them or react and fight for them.First option is a form of forgiveness ,while the other amounts to engagement and in some cases even revenge.

I am quite a verbose person but I have learnt in my life that fighting for each and everything makes you only upset and spoils your day and time but even if you forgive same happens as feeling of being cheated and revenge revoles for quite a some time.
so what do you think which is the better option?

Forgiveness or reacting to things.
How long can you forgive .If we learnt this art of forgiveness then will we be able to survive in this world ??

Recently in Times of India I read

"Forgiveness is a better option for it is based on a proven formula:'Save yourself'.Forgiveness saves your from distraction and it saves you from creating more problems.In contrast reaction and emotional revenge means turning the bad into the worse."

But In cases like Rathore who molested a younge girl of 13 and made her commit suicide.Her parents should forgive Rathore?Be it Jessica lal case or Nitish Katara should we forgive these people.If we do then more and more crimes ,rapes and murder are going to flourish.These people will consider themselves as Gods though still they consider themselves nothing less.

Be it geeta or many other literature they have always emphasised on Forgiveness.Idea of forgiveness does play good roles many times but believig in it makes me feel so insecure .What is your say on this?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Adieu 2009

Hello Guys!!! Well I know I have been willfully ignoring my blog and there are many reason attached to it.But today I really want to write and what provoked me is year 2009.At last God has blessed me with summer of 2009 as well and I am sure I have many summers to see ahead as well.2009 has brought lot of change in my life.Here I am listing down few of the happenings of this year giving it kind of a tribute before i welcome 2010.

1)I was dating my now husband in 2008 and we were suppose to get married in 2009.I am not a staunch believer of Astrology or Numerology but I don mind thinking about it.That time I thought 2009 (2+9=11& 1+1=2)sums up to 2 and that is my birth number so I am taking the right step.(Can't believe I was thinking this but can't explain it because when you are in love you are in love.You will add up your phone number too if not birth date to make it feel like Lucky.Isn't? Or may be I was the most eccentric one).

2)Marriage brought lot of changes in me.My whole thinking process transformed.My neighbor kids started calling me "aunty" my belief of never getting old turned into disbelief.Well I guess till the time you don't cross 25 you always think you will be in your youth till eternity.

3)I learn t most important fact and that is no matter you marry a CEO son or IAS son ,or any big shot its always the guy and only the guy who matters.He only can make your life beautiful and no one else.Fortunately I am glad I married my husband and Infact I am proud to be his wife.

4)Leaving beside all the romantic things,well from my carrier point of view the year has been a disaster.There has been no accomplishment into it albeit I did try hard.

5)Apart from joining facebook,twitter and blogging i started sketching,read many books and learnt chinese cooking as well.

6)I lost weight that too without much of exercise though generally women gain weight after marriage.How to loose weight that too without much of an effort I will right some other time so that at least all the women folks are going to visit my mundane blog again.

7)I watched almost all the movies which were released in theater,watched Mahabharata and chanakya the old time serials.Also watched whole Harry potter series.Books which I read this year were Godfather,2 states,Atlas shrugged and I don remember few other names right now.

8)Visited Kausani,Golden temple,Jaipur and Auli and really want to cover many many more places in years to come.

9)I realized my mother importance only after my marriage.I never knew deep down I love her so much though i guess she will be the only person with whom i had countless fights.

10)My interest in spirituality increased this year.I quit Non Veg and I am interested in going further into it ofcourse only if God bestow me with his love.I started reading Geeta but was only able to read one chapter or adhyay of it.

11)One new habit I picked was to get along in the girly group and bitch about in laws.Slowly i learned that it takes lot of time to accept some one else parents as yours and almost all women have problems with that.

Ending it with a hope of a new year which will bring new happiness in my life and to my near and dear ones.Also may we progress as a nation with prosperity and no bomb threats or attacks.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Since a month my health is taking a tole on me.July end I got viral for two days followed by cough and cold for two weeks which I completely ignored and then diarrhea this Sunday morning.I am a person who rarely falls ill and if i do then it takes miles long for me to recuperate.But this time unlike my previous illness i fell prone to hiccups.Hiccups are generally taken lightly as according to many belief they are harmless.Yesterday afternoon i started with loud noise of hiccups.Though my stomach was upset I couldn't resist pastry and hiccups with slight stomach ache made me apprehensive.I thought pastry was the result of my hiccups.By and large people have 2-3 glasses of water which subside the hiccups but it didn't happened with me but being engrossed here and there i ignored it.By evening my hiccups subsided.

My husband arrived I cooked curd rice for myself as a light meal and made sandwich for my husband.we slept after playing scrabble.At around 2:30 I again started having hiccups.Disgusted I was as fear of hiccups being continued for whole night irked me to hell.I drank and drank water.It did no help.So I Google cures of hiccups.
Following were the cure mentioned

1.Take a deep breath and count 1,2---10(They will vanish in a minute and there were comments "thanks it really did wonders")
I tried and tried but of no avail.

2.Stand up tighten your body and exhale.
Tried 3-4 times and it didn't help.

3.Ask some one to close your temples as you might not do it properly.

Already an hour had passed I woke my husband up and asked him to do it.He half asleep did it.But no avail.

To forget my hiccups I started watching you tube where i was learning how to gift rap .But till how long I would have watched them.I again Google searched this time there was an new idea.Take a spoon full of sugar ,plug in your ears and close your temples with some one else help and gulp sugar with a glass of water..

Cant believe they stopped in second.Relieved i was I slept at 4 a.m.

Got up at 9 and I was having tea and was discussing with my husband what a incredible method it was to stop hiccups.Before having tea i had my diarrhea medicine and too my disbelief I started having hiccups again.Imagining myself going through the same trauma again made me cry.I again used the same trick but it didn't help this time.

After an hour I again tried out.My husband closed my ear and i closed my temples and gulped sugar with water.Phew!! they were gone..

Sitting at home I want to let other know the easy and simple trick.Though i am going to visit the doctor for continuous hiccups problem but for a first aid its a complete full on.And last but not the least I salute Google for elucidating all problem of life.:)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live in or live out!!

I know i have been playing tau rant since long on my blog.Some recent incidents dragged me away from it.Generally I am the 3rd-4th person who post a comment on my favorite ZB,Aparna and sujata blog and now i ended up being the last one.In fact they have moved two post ahead before i catch the previous one.Anyway,will try catching them up again religiously.:)

Time flies away at least the effortless one.A year back when apprehension of getting married and to whom flourished in me I literary had goose bumps thinking about it.But now I am some what at peace with my mind.Marriage almost solves your biggest problem or may be I should say a life partner of your desire solves all your biggest apprehension.But Marriage brings bounteous changes in a women.Today I take myself more responsible for things which I never thought.Now i value my life more as there are many life attached with me.My thoughts and action affect people around me.It did before also but now at a greater degree of extent.Responsibility comes in different form for instance If i don't feel like cooking I realize there is my husband who wish for dinner at night after having a oily mid day meal in his office. I can easily say no to him but his health is my concerned too now.I wish for healthy him through out his life.

I really wonder what will happen If i have kids.Trying to make there every day best and making sure there life runs as smooth as possible will drive me nuts i guess.These changes were never realized and were never expected before marriage.All was expected was a life partner and loads of fun:D.

What made me write this post is due to my recent encounter with a women.Women is in her late 20s .She is a director of a company.And how she became a director is a simple tale.Difficult it may sound but MD of the company is her boyfriend so must have been a easy ride for the lady.MD is a pass out of IIT and IIM and started his own venture .They both met and than they say rest is history.Living in a posh colony and running there venture and making it big is there ultimate goal .This women doesn't believe in holy matrimony and always questions it.She called marriage as a stamp and believed it to be an end of women liberation.Surprising part was every person in the organization consider it true.Employees in there 30s had no intention to get married.Of course desire to have a girlfriend or boyfriend and a live in relationship was not a problem at all.

If I would have happen to come across these people a year ago my perception of this organization have been so called FAB.But now as I am married today I know the difference between a boyfriend and a husband.Distinction between two is like of a mother who has given birth to a child and a women who has adopted one to avoid labor pain.Years of live in can never bring that affection ,concern and love what marriage brings.Vary desire to make every thing possible as option of escape doesn't exist is untraceable in a live in relationship.

Sad part is as employees idealize their directors they have happened to follow the same loop which in turn has helped the organization in big way.They make employees work for 12hrs and make them feel proud about themselves as they are liberated.But i really wonder for what purpose on earth they are born.To live a commitment free life with no family ?These kind of women are generally disowned by their families .Their desire to achieve success at every cost will ever make them an ideal person in their own eyes?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My homosexual friend....

Ankita(name changed to keep her privacy intact)was always my envy.her versatility in every field made her out beat all. Be it debates,studies or sports she won in every work with minimal drudgery.Little below average in looks she always dressed up in cool clothes and was always at ease with her self..In our 8th standard she got an opportunity to play national level net ball and slowly she became an international player.All our juniors use to adore her and wanted to be like her.

In 11th standard our gang was formed and comprises of five girls.No special preference was being imparted to her by our group as we knew she was already flying.Ankita after winning her International fame started having frequent tours and as these tours were sponsored by the school our sports teacher also accompanied her.I took physical education in 11th as my 5th subject and during those periods when ever we use to talk about Ankita our sports teacher had a weird uncontentious look.That surprised me as Ankita was one who got fame to sports teacher as well as to the school.Instead of being proud of her accomplishment she never favored her.

Ankita always use to talk about her tournaments and trips but there was something else who she always mentioned and that was another school teacher Megha(Name changed).Ankita became my good friend and she started sharing more things with me.

One day she call d and asked me to tell her mom that she is with me.When I asked her where she is going she answered Megha home.This trips became frequent and then things started unwrapping.One day Megha came to our school and Ankita joy had no bounds.With in seconds she collected all of us and from third floor we almost jumped to the ground floor to meet Megha.Lady had all tom boyish look with short hair and was wearing jeans and man like shirt.I wondered what made her so lovable in Ankita eyes.After she left Ankita was going GA Ga about her and was coercing us to say good things about her so I praised her saying that she reminds me of Falguni Pathak (one of best Indian singer who dresses like man).Ankita was on seventh heaven after listening to my comment Things started getting apparent and we had an idea about Ankita mischief.Ankita became an object of laughter for us.She used to tell us how they both play "pakdam pakdai"alone at home .Many other incidents and episodes made us sure and we started caring the sly smile when ever she mentioned about her.Ankita got little idea so in between she started giving clarification about the purity of their relationship.

Ankita mom made sure she never meet Megha and we never realized what she is going through.One day she broke down while talking to me on phone as Megha ill treated her due to some reason.I didn't know how to console her but i tried my level best to upkeep her mood.

Year passed by we cleared our 12th standard and Ankita went into one of the best college due to her sport quota and good performance in studies as well.I last chatted with her when I was about to get married.She told me that she too is getting married next month .Being for a political family I knew her parents must have got a ideal millionaire for her.Ankita never was lady like.Imagining her serving as a daughter in law and taking house hold responsibility is still beyond belief.

Recently when sec 377 was abolished in India which means now two females and male can get married or can have consensual sex brought back me the old memories.

Our ignorance about the issue and pressure from the family and society made her follow which she never desired.I knew just a bit of what she went through as I am sure she couldn't open her heart to any one.I wonder whether she is able to do justice with her and her partner life.Whether still in her heart she feels for Megha or any other women.

Homosexuality is not a modern world discovery.It has been there when our emperors use to go to for years of fight and their wives fulfilled their physical desires with each other as meeting man was unfeasible for them.Its just that today youth know how to fight for there rights.Therefore they want it to be legalized without feeling humiliated or mortified.

What I consider is that one who is born on this earth has the right to love and marry who so ever he or she wants's sexual preference is no body's business.Even if India is open to homosexuality still these people have long way ahead.No family will be interested in giving their house for rent to gays.No one will prefer gays in their neighborhood and especially lesbians will not only face the torture of their parents more but will have security issues more in comparison to gays.Still these people have long miles to go before they sleep and for girls like Ankita life will move for her as the society wanted her to move.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here I am proving myself !!

I am overwhelmed and my happiness holds no bound today. With such great poise I have been honored with an award. An award for my dedication, for my hard work and of course for being a compulsive and obsessive blogger. I dedicate my award to Zillionbig whose name is as unknown to me as to rest of the blogger. His constant hard work and motivation led me continuously visit his blog .His writing skills, his art of putting emotion across, his humor make me check his blog every day and increase his visitor counts. At last guy appreciated his work and recognized me with this award.
Sitting at the other end imbibe me with hysterical and euphoric feelings .I always craved for having an award and practiced my speech in front of the mirror with my lipstick on. This award is answer to all those who never believed in me and always perceived me as a good for nothing like____.This will zip there mouth and gives me an opportunity to blabber more about myself which albeit I constantly do. I would like to thank my husband to introducing me to blogging so that I don’t eat his head in his free time.Thanks to Mom and Dad who always believed in me as they had no option left.
Also,I wish if the color of the award would have been of Pink color as I am madly in love with the color.This might not exactly the award color which I had in my mind but atleast the size of the award is right which fit perfectly on my blog.I always wanted an award where the competition would have been least and the probability of winning was 100%.
Also Thanks so who so ever who is taking out precious time to read my award winning speech
The tag Rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.
4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.
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6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
7. Have Fun!

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1.Zillionbug for letting me add one more rose without a thorn in my life. Thorn here represent the struggle.
2.His url
3.I was tagged on 30th June.
4.People who I tag can only be two as I have only 4 followers which include myself as well.They are
Don’t curse me guys as I had no option l.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend episodes!!

On 25th June ,Friday musician,entertainer,business man Michael Jackson sudden demise shocked the world.Masses knew about MJ's wearisome and problematic personnel and professional line of business but singer sudden demise made people flabbergasted.People came out on street ,were mourning on his death and whole media was trying their best to get some more bite for MJs dumbfound fans.No doubt MJs accomplishment deserve acknowledgment and which whole world gave it to him in the form of every possible way.
I remember when MJ came to India people went crazy on his show.Even Amitabh Bachchan wrote about MJs humble behavior.Some of the remarkable achievement of MJ was his record selling album and his association with 39 charitable institution which is highest ever done by any celebrity and is in Guinness book of world record but there are some points where I beg to differ.Fame and success brings great amount of responsibility as well. For instance we cant expect Amitabh Bachchan to be involved in child abuse can we?Shiney Ahuja has been accused of Rape.Most of us don't valueh his remarkable performance in Hazarron khwaishe aise or Metro.One incident of his as strangled all his hard work.
My question is then why is Micheal Jackson is given so much of unearthly and outrageous importance.We all know singer has been charged in scandals like child abuse where he went for out of court settlement.Why will a innocent person will go for out of court settlement ?Only when he is guilty and cant prove his innocence. MJs own sister declared him a Pedophilia(a rare disease in which an adult has sexual preference of Child)albeit later on she denied it.Singer was a addict of painkillers and was running in high debts.Did he ever think about his young kids??I really wonder.
A person is remember not only by his professional career If this was true then many high profile politician would have not resigned from there prestigious post due to various allegation which includes sex as well.
What I want to convey is just that I truly agree of loosing a great talent but what I defer is unjustified importance which singer has been given.


At last my persistence and perseverance has paid off.Well No no I have not achieved any awards for my work or in academics.Don't get me wrong.In fact every body patience paid off by watching Newyork.I am talking about the Movie.

First thing which makes me hysterical is Katrina Kaif's performance.Lady has proved that hard work pays and those who try and try become successful one day.I have only seen Katrina smiling and given scenes which doesn't require any talent at all.Especially in Akshay Kumar movies where lead actress of the movie hardly have anything other then shaking her legs and singing some romantic songs.

Plot of the movie is heartrending as its based on real story.
You can read ahead if you have kept the patience of reading my blog till here as I am not going to divulge the movie story.

We Indians just live for movies and food which was proved by New york release.I and my husband thought of having dinner and catching up 10:40pm show as getting weekend ticket was of course difficult.But my astonishment had no bounds when we were informed that we might not get the ticket as the show is house full.Imagine all family people watching the movie till 2am with there Kids.Really shows there dedication towards Indian cinema and I was wondering its only smart me who catches up late night movies after being married :D.
Wish could post some pics of hysterical,euphoric and ecstatic crowd but my 3.2mp camera doesn't support night views.

Rest of the weekend was spent playing chess with my husband and rarely winning the game but we both completed 4 month of our marriage therefore manage to get the loosing treat with a gift too:D