Monday, December 21, 2009

Adieu 2009

Hello Guys!!! Well I know I have been willfully ignoring my blog and there are many reason attached to it.But today I really want to write and what provoked me is year 2009.At last God has blessed me with summer of 2009 as well and I am sure I have many summers to see ahead as well.2009 has brought lot of change in my life.Here I am listing down few of the happenings of this year giving it kind of a tribute before i welcome 2010.

1)I was dating my now husband in 2008 and we were suppose to get married in 2009.I am not a staunch believer of Astrology or Numerology but I don mind thinking about it.That time I thought 2009 (2+9=11& 1+1=2)sums up to 2 and that is my birth number so I am taking the right step.(Can't believe I was thinking this but can't explain it because when you are in love you are in love.You will add up your phone number too if not birth date to make it feel like Lucky.Isn't? Or may be I was the most eccentric one).

2)Marriage brought lot of changes in me.My whole thinking process transformed.My neighbor kids started calling me "aunty" my belief of never getting old turned into disbelief.Well I guess till the time you don't cross 25 you always think you will be in your youth till eternity.

3)I learn t most important fact and that is no matter you marry a CEO son or IAS son ,or any big shot its always the guy and only the guy who matters.He only can make your life beautiful and no one else.Fortunately I am glad I married my husband and Infact I am proud to be his wife.

4)Leaving beside all the romantic things,well from my carrier point of view the year has been a disaster.There has been no accomplishment into it albeit I did try hard.

5)Apart from joining facebook,twitter and blogging i started sketching,read many books and learnt chinese cooking as well.

6)I lost weight that too without much of exercise though generally women gain weight after marriage.How to loose weight that too without much of an effort I will right some other time so that at least all the women folks are going to visit my mundane blog again.

7)I watched almost all the movies which were released in theater,watched Mahabharata and chanakya the old time serials.Also watched whole Harry potter series.Books which I read this year were Godfather,2 states,Atlas shrugged and I don remember few other names right now.

8)Visited Kausani,Golden temple,Jaipur and Auli and really want to cover many many more places in years to come.

9)I realized my mother importance only after my marriage.I never knew deep down I love her so much though i guess she will be the only person with whom i had countless fights.

10)My interest in spirituality increased this year.I quit Non Veg and I am interested in going further into it ofcourse only if God bestow me with his love.I started reading Geeta but was only able to read one chapter or adhyay of it.

11)One new habit I picked was to get along in the girly group and bitch about in laws.Slowly i learned that it takes lot of time to accept some one else parents as yours and almost all women have problems with that.

Ending it with a hope of a new year which will bring new happiness in my life and to my near and dear ones.Also may we progress as a nation with prosperity and no bomb threats or attacks.


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