Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you believe in forgiveness??

Mrs Neena to her Maid- Did u clean the gallary with the broom 1st.

Maid-No,There is no dirt in the gallaery so I didnt.

Neena- Can't you see so many hair lying there??

Maid--Yeh!! you must have done this.

Neena-Shut up some body from floor above must have comb there hair which has fallen in my balcony.If i don see you you will make my house a dust bin.You don't need to come from tomorrow.

Maid-I have also not seen a employer like you.You say your house is clean.You have seen a cleaner house since the time I have come otherwise you house is full of dirt.

Neena-How dare you call my house dirty.Just leave.

Maid-You are newly married.You don't know how to speak.You have never even seen cleaniness in your life.No one will work in your house like this.

Neena-You don't do your work properly and accuse me only.Get lost.

Maid-Give me my money.

Neena-Take your money in the evening.I don have a bank here.

Maid- I wont come in the eve.I want it right now.

Huge altercation take place between the two.Neena speaks and the maid speak in return .
Result-Maid comes outside the flat threatens her -"I will make sure no one works in your house .Also i will get your house robbed"

Neena starts crying and is upset whole day.Afterwards she thought why did i fight with her.I should have simply given her the money and asked her to leave.I also kept my ego alive .My whole day has got ruined and on top of that this lady threatend me as well.

2ND Episode

Husband-Its new year today lets get some pastries and cakes for the night and avoid partying as chances of drunken driving accident are too much today.

Neena-Ok.Lets go .
When reached the shop husband ordered.There was huge rush and light in the shop went away.Neena husband gaveRs 1000 note to the shopkeeper but when light came shop keeper refused saying you didnt give any money .Instead of fighting as shop keeper was too adamant they both left being upset loosig away Rs 1000 in front of their eyes.

Two days Neena kept thinking that she should have fought for it but afterwards life moved on.

Every day in our life we come across some kind of bad experiencebig or small .One has two options either ignore them or react and fight for them.First option is a form of forgiveness ,while the other amounts to engagement and in some cases even revenge.

I am quite a verbose person but I have learnt in my life that fighting for each and everything makes you only upset and spoils your day and time but even if you forgive same happens as feeling of being cheated and revenge revoles for quite a some time.
so what do you think which is the better option?

Forgiveness or reacting to things.
How long can you forgive .If we learnt this art of forgiveness then will we be able to survive in this world ??

Recently in Times of India I read

"Forgiveness is a better option for it is based on a proven formula:'Save yourself'.Forgiveness saves your from distraction and it saves you from creating more problems.In contrast reaction and emotional revenge means turning the bad into the worse."

But In cases like Rathore who molested a younge girl of 13 and made her commit suicide.Her parents should forgive Rathore?Be it Jessica lal case or Nitish Katara should we forgive these people.If we do then more and more crimes ,rapes and murder are going to flourish.These people will consider themselves as Gods though still they consider themselves nothing less.

Be it geeta or many other literature they have always emphasised on Forgiveness.Idea of forgiveness does play good roles many times but believig in it makes me feel so insecure .What is your say on this?


  1. Hey Anamika I agree...its not easy to choose between forgiving and fighting back. I guess it depends on how serious the issue is. I can choose not to fight with the cyclist who bumped into my car on a busy road, but I cannot forgive an eve teaser who is trying to molest me on public transport...but having said that let me tell u most of the times I end up choosing to fight given my short fused nature :)

  2. Even i prefer fighting for my rights but fighting ultimately upsets you makes you come across as not sophisticated and humble...Its really confusing and choosing what to do in which situation is more difficult for me.