Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Since a month my health is taking a tole on me.July end I got viral for two days followed by cough and cold for two weeks which I completely ignored and then diarrhea this Sunday morning.I am a person who rarely falls ill and if i do then it takes miles long for me to recuperate.But this time unlike my previous illness i fell prone to hiccups.Hiccups are generally taken lightly as according to many belief they are harmless.Yesterday afternoon i started with loud noise of hiccups.Though my stomach was upset I couldn't resist pastry and hiccups with slight stomach ache made me apprehensive.I thought pastry was the result of my hiccups.By and large people have 2-3 glasses of water which subside the hiccups but it didn't happened with me but being engrossed here and there i ignored it.By evening my hiccups subsided.

My husband arrived I cooked curd rice for myself as a light meal and made sandwich for my husband.we slept after playing scrabble.At around 2:30 I again started having hiccups.Disgusted I was as fear of hiccups being continued for whole night irked me to hell.I drank and drank water.It did no help.So I Google cures of hiccups.
Following were the cure mentioned

1.Take a deep breath and count 1,2---10(They will vanish in a minute and there were comments "thanks it really did wonders")
I tried and tried but of no avail.

2.Stand up tighten your body and exhale.
Tried 3-4 times and it didn't help.

3.Ask some one to close your temples as you might not do it properly.

Already an hour had passed I woke my husband up and asked him to do it.He half asleep did it.But no avail.

To forget my hiccups I started watching you tube where i was learning how to gift rap .But till how long I would have watched them.I again Google searched this time there was an new idea.Take a spoon full of sugar ,plug in your ears and close your temples with some one else help and gulp sugar with a glass of water..

Cant believe they stopped in second.Relieved i was I slept at 4 a.m.

Got up at 9 and I was having tea and was discussing with my husband what a incredible method it was to stop hiccups.Before having tea i had my diarrhea medicine and too my disbelief I started having hiccups again.Imagining myself going through the same trauma again made me cry.I again used the same trick but it didn't help this time.

After an hour I again tried out.My husband closed my ear and i closed my temples and gulped sugar with water.Phew!! they were gone..

Sitting at home I want to let other know the easy and simple trick.Though i am going to visit the doctor for continuous hiccups problem but for a first aid its a complete full on.And last but not the least I salute Google for elucidating all problem of life.:)


  1. hehe atleast its gone now..but thats a very unique method you used :)

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  4. Thank God you are relieved of this problem. But, please do consult a doctor.

  5. Opps! I did not mean to delete both comments!
    Sheesh! Sorry!
    Well, anyway, I am glad your hiccups are gone & glad Google was the key.

    Stay well & take care!

  6. I hope you are better now.Normally breathing deep helps for me. Isn't google Mr know all? I love the site.

  7. Hiccups are such a pain. It doesnt stop for me either, just keeps going and coming back again. I start each time I have a really hot chilly. Good that you are hiccup free now..better these hiccups than the ones in relationships right?

  8. Ohh hic cups in relationship r complete no no.

  9. Nice and innovative method to stop hiccups :). I usually close my nose look and and gulp water, which does the trick for me, but it is also kinda weird!!

  10. YAA...how small techniques make big difference.

  11. Hiccups can hit at wrong times...do not remember them for long for then they come back

  12. Long time since we had a post from you!

  13. Hope you are doing ok.
    Take good care!