Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here I am proving myself !!

I am overwhelmed and my happiness holds no bound today. With such great poise I have been honored with an award. An award for my dedication, for my hard work and of course for being a compulsive and obsessive blogger. I dedicate my award to Zillionbig whose name is as unknown to me as to rest of the blogger. His constant hard work and motivation led me continuously visit his blog .His writing skills, his art of putting emotion across, his humor make me check his blog every day and increase his visitor counts. At last guy appreciated his work and recognized me with this award.
Sitting at the other end imbibe me with hysterical and euphoric feelings .I always craved for having an award and practiced my speech in front of the mirror with my lipstick on. This award is answer to all those who never believed in me and always perceived me as a good for nothing like____.This will zip there mouth and gives me an opportunity to blabber more about myself which albeit I constantly do. I would like to thank my husband to introducing me to blogging so that I don’t eat his head in his free time.Thanks to Mom and Dad who always believed in me as they had no option left.
Also,I wish if the color of the award would have been of Pink color as I am madly in love with the color.This might not exactly the award color which I had in my mind but atleast the size of the award is right which fit perfectly on my blog.I always wanted an award where the competition would have been least and the probability of winning was 100%.
Also Thanks so who so ever who is taking out precious time to read my award winning speech
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1.Zillionbug for letting me add one more rose without a thorn in my life. Thorn here represent the struggle.
2.His url
3.I was tagged on 30th June.
4.People who I tag can only be two as I have only 4 followers which include myself as well.They are
Don’t curse me guys as I had no option l.


  1. haha, nice. But award in pink?That would make me look like a Bi!!!!!!:))))


    Thanks Nazish

  3. Also Nazish now u have read the post so u r taggd too

  4. Way to go Girl! Congratulations and may you win many more.

    Keep writing and the followers list will grow big. And the colour pink rocks.

  5. Thanks Aparna....:)Wish could tag u but u r already taggd i guess.