Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend episodes!!

On 25th June ,Friday musician,entertainer,business man Michael Jackson sudden demise shocked the world.Masses knew about MJ's wearisome and problematic personnel and professional line of business but singer sudden demise made people flabbergasted.People came out on street ,were mourning on his death and whole media was trying their best to get some more bite for MJs dumbfound fans.No doubt MJs accomplishment deserve acknowledgment and which whole world gave it to him in the form of every possible way.
I remember when MJ came to India people went crazy on his show.Even Amitabh Bachchan wrote about MJs humble behavior.Some of the remarkable achievement of MJ was his record selling album and his association with 39 charitable institution which is highest ever done by any celebrity and is in Guinness book of world record but there are some points where I beg to differ.Fame and success brings great amount of responsibility as well. For instance we cant expect Amitabh Bachchan to be involved in child abuse can we?Shiney Ahuja has been accused of Rape.Most of us don't valueh his remarkable performance in Hazarron khwaishe aise or Metro.One incident of his as strangled all his hard work.
My question is then why is Micheal Jackson is given so much of unearthly and outrageous importance.We all know singer has been charged in scandals like child abuse where he went for out of court settlement.Why will a innocent person will go for out of court settlement ?Only when he is guilty and cant prove his innocence. MJs own sister declared him a Pedophilia(a rare disease in which an adult has sexual preference of Child)albeit later on she denied it.Singer was a addict of painkillers and was running in high debts.Did he ever think about his young kids??I really wonder.
A person is remember not only by his professional career If this was true then many high profile politician would have not resigned from there prestigious post due to various allegation which includes sex as well.
What I want to convey is just that I truly agree of loosing a great talent but what I defer is unjustified importance which singer has been given.


At last my persistence and perseverance has paid off.Well No no I have not achieved any awards for my work or in academics.Don't get me wrong.In fact every body patience paid off by watching Newyork.I am talking about the Movie.

First thing which makes me hysterical is Katrina Kaif's performance.Lady has proved that hard work pays and those who try and try become successful one day.I have only seen Katrina smiling and given scenes which doesn't require any talent at all.Especially in Akshay Kumar movies where lead actress of the movie hardly have anything other then shaking her legs and singing some romantic songs.

Plot of the movie is heartrending as its based on real story.
You can read ahead if you have kept the patience of reading my blog till here as I am not going to divulge the movie story.

We Indians just live for movies and food which was proved by New york release.I and my husband thought of having dinner and catching up 10:40pm show as getting weekend ticket was of course difficult.But my astonishment had no bounds when we were informed that we might not get the ticket as the show is house full.Imagine all family people watching the movie till 2am with there Kids.Really shows there dedication towards Indian cinema and I was wondering its only smart me who catches up late night movies after being married :D.
Wish could post some pics of hysterical,euphoric and ecstatic crowd but my 3.2mp camera doesn't support night views.

Rest of the weekend was spent playing chess with my husband and rarely winning the game but we both completed 4 month of our marriage therefore manage to get the loosing treat with a gift too:D


  1. Well u see MJ was a real legend in his own field, leaving what he did in his personal life is a different issue but one had to give importance to his sudden demise.
    Well u see success always gets u true enemies and false friends and most the time is takes away something from individuals..and all these entertainment celebrities need publicity...n no publicity is bad be it positive or negative as far as u r in the news and get the eyeballs. Mj was definitely a controversial star but most of western celebs are and slowly by slowly our part of the world is also getting some effects.. as examples mentioned by u above!!!

    As far as hindi movies are concerned we Indians live for that...its cricket and bollywood that only sells in India!! Its somewhat a part of our life as it is not a good trend to see kids watching movies till when will they sleep...these parents are called filmy parents...rem the serial which used to come on ZEE filmy!

    hrd NY is a boring movie have not seen yet...n ya congrats on completing 4 months of your wedding and winning the game!!

    nice blog!!!


  2. humm, i agree with unwarranted publicity and iconic stature MJ continues to receive after death, even after being charged with crimes like child abuse.
    I am a big fan of him, bit i also agree with you on this.

    Looks like the movie is gonna be a major hit, since people are already going ga-ga about it. Shall watch it this weekend. TC:))

  3. I SWEAR to GOD - we ought to expect better from people!!

    Here are some facts:

    1) In a free democratic society, anyone can CHARGE anyone of ANYTHING. What matters is what is proved in court. This is as true for the innocent as it is for the guilty. No judicial system in the world has a clean record, people have been released after 20 years in prison because new scientific techniques - cleared them of guilt after 2 decades. But AT THE TIME the case was tried, the jury based upon the evidence at hand decided - that the person was guilty. In a similar way - many murderers get away - because there is no sufficient evidence to convict them in court, hence the whole grey area of police encounters and if it is moral.

    2) In case of Michael Jackson - he settled 1 case out of court, and on 14 separate charges of child molestation, he was acquitted. You ask why would someone settle out of court, if the person is not guilty - clearly you do not have any idea about what happens in a criminal court case, even if u are acquitted, (which MJ was in the next case) the court proceedings the accusations every single day - the public harassment is enough for any level headed person to seek out of court settlement. I am surprised you hold this view living in India, where most cases are settled out of court or not settled at all.

    In case of MJ, You are assuming he was guilty without knowing the facts of the case, this is against the very GRAIN of scientific logical rational thought that any education system in the world instils. You are trained to analyze facts and then draw conclusions - not the other way around. SO learn to keep what you FEEL aside - and ANALYZE objectively.

    2) Your second piece of evidence - his OWN sister said so - is nothing but hearsay - some junior lame 'cant-make-shit-out-of-his-life' reporter trying to get leverage by abusing a star's popularity. Which I guess, reporters by definition are nowadays expected to do.


    Let me construct the events - which allow for your facts to be included - as best to my reading of the case from the internet.

    Shiney Ahuja and his maid (20yr old) are alone in his house, Shiney Ahuja says - my wife has gone - do you want to do it. Maid says ok. They have vaginal sex - he ejaculates, there is his semen on the bed sheets - on her clothes blah blah. After the sex, the maid says - leave ur wife - take me instead. Shiney says - have u lost ur mind - I really cant - maid gets angry says - I am gonna call the neighbors and say you fucked me without consent - shiney panicks - says dont do something so stupid - jut calm down why are u acting so weird - we have done this many times before - why all of a sudden this hurry to get married, maid calmly says - I am done here - leaves the house, goes to a police station and files an FIR.

    So far, everything the media has said - Shiney ACCUSED of rape, Shiney's DNA found on maid - are all true - but what makes SEX into RAPE - is if it was done WITHOUT the maid's permission - in which case, a FORCED VAGINAL ENTRY is the medical proof. Doctors can look down there and tell precisely if the sex was with permission or not. And sometimes they can't - in which case, I wonder what gives the public the right to ASSUME and ALWAYS ASSUME that it was RAPE??? How can a population of educated people be blind to any other equally plausible alternative - and decide to take away a person's freedom without giving him the benefit of the doubt???

    Sadly in the hypothetical I constructed - Shiney would still go to jail - because in our great India, as far as having sex is concerned, the male is assumed to force it on the female in case of lack of evidence. So in other words any female can have sex with any male and can get him into jail if she simply decides to ruin his life. Even if she doesnt get him into jail, his life and career would be ruined for sure. And what do we have to prevent that ??? Oh yesss - wait for it - of course Indian women will never abuse their own IZZAT when it comes to a thing like this - becuase they are saints - SATISAVATRIS I swear. No wonder ... people hate Shiney.

    Having said that - he still proves guilty of adultery - and if you wanna punish him for that - I will be the first to get him in jail for I believe that to be an equally heinous crime.

  5. you for sure do not know the facts of Michael Jackson's out of court settlement case hence you made drew this conclusion. Everything is not always either black or white there is a grey area that we tend to overlook and just draw conclusions on half known facts.

  6. Dear Sanket,
    The interesting about global affairs is that everybody has a perspective and everybody expresses have expressed your views on the pop singer which may or may not match with the others. i respect your feelings and of course truly agree that there will be no one like MJ again.